This was a sermon spoken by Baba Virsa Singh Ji. A teacher from India to a group of christians that came to visit him from England.

The Messiah or prophet is not a matter of difficult philosophy. Those who bring God’s message have the nature of a child. Therefore to gain their love, you should become children before them. There may be a slight difference between the way I approach things and the way you do, because you have grown up with a particular style of management and have learned things from books, whereas my book is that whatever God tells me, I say.

Where that statue of Jesus is standing [Jesus’s Place in Gobind Sadan], He came to me. I was just sitting, and all of a sudden He was standing before me. He was standing as you see Him today. He kept speaking with me for a full 45 minutes. He spoke with such force that when He said, “Bless!” it felt that there was no place in the entire universe that His voice did not reach. It felt to me that not only was there no country outside the range of His blessing and His healing, but also no planet, no star, no universe that was out of His range.

The Jesus Place
The Jesus Place. India.

It felt that His words had reached the outermost limits of creation, touching each and every part of it. That is when I understood that Jesus is not under any one particular person’s or group’s influence. He has His own field. If He chose He would turn His healing to the animals, or to the earth, or to the sky. Wherever he chose to do so, He would just turn His gaze and heal all of creation. He had no particular court from which He healed people. Wherever He sat, that healing would occur automatically. That is why I say I didn’t perceive that Jesus has any one particular place, or one particular way of blessing things. Wherever He was, wherever He stood, or wherever He sat, those things and that place would automatically be blessed and healed.

Even though there is only one Jesus, the way I have seen Jesus may be a little different from the way you have seen Him. People continually come here to Jesus’ Place and sing praises in their own way, pray in their own way, and sing in their own way. They come continually all night, and Jesus just heals them all the time. People ask me, “How should we approach Jesus? What should we say to Jesus?” On one hand I am ready to tell them, “You don’t have to say anything to Jesus. Jesus already knows why you are coming.” But I tell them, “After all, you are human beings and you want to say something. So go and say two things to Jesus: ‘I am in pain and I am in sorrow, and I know that you, Lord, cannot bear to see someone in pain or in sorrow, so please heal me. You are that healer who does not reside in any one country, in any one corner of the universe. You do not have any one country under Your feet; You are the healer of the entire creation.” So when people go to Jesus’ Place, they say that, according to my direction.

They then ask me, “Who will introduce me to Jesus?” and whoever is around, I will say, “They will take you to Jesus.” Who is there? It is the simple gardeners who maintain the lawns, and the gardeners take them to Jesus. The gardeners have tremendous faith, and they are always keeping the lawn clean for Jesus. They take our guests to Jesus. Whatever blessings and healings they receive from Jesus, they come back and tell me.

I’ve received absolute confirmation from all these experiences that Jesus has no one country, no one place, and that He is for everyone. He is throughout all of creation. If He were to sit in one country, then what would this tree do? This tree wants His healing, too. What would the rivers do if He were confined to just one country? What would this ground do without Him? What about the animals? So wherever you see Nature, think that Jesus is there.

There have been many cases that have surprised even me, but I shouldn’t be surprised because Jesus is capable of anything. Just last month a person came who was having a very difficult court case. I told him to go and light seven candles before Jesus, put a garland on Jesus, and say, “I have faith in Your court. You are the One who will make the decision, not these worldly judges.” Suddenly Jesus was standing right beside me. He said, “Don’t worry. It will happen exactly as you told this person. Tell him he should just be happy.” When that person came back, I asked, “Tell me what happened.” He said, “I went and did exactly as you told me and lit the candles. When I went to court, the case was decided in my favour.” Jesus is so full of love that because someone was feeling pressure, He told me to tell him to be happy, so that he would understand that all the pressure would be removed. There are many such cases, which are sometimes difficult to explain to you.

There is only one thing I can tell people, which is, “Go and tell Jesus. Jesus will give you the answer.” I have full faith that He will answer them. Perhaps it is an expression of my love for Him. Perhaps it is the way I worship Him. Perhaps it is the way that I understand His nature. However you explain it, whatever I say, He does.

There was a family from America who had some great difficulties. One of them had become extremely angry with another family member. So I sent them to Jesus. I said, “The solution to your problem is to go to Jesus and ask Jesus what you should do.” This woman went and sat before Jesus. Jesus immediately appeared before her and said, “Don’t worry, my child. These things happen everywhere. Satan even came and gave me trouble.” Then she asked Jesus more questions. She asked, “What will happen with my work: What will happen to one of my family members who is sick?” Jesus said, “Have faith. When you go back, everything will be all right.” All the answers and solutions to her questions came in just a minute by going before Jesus. I have full faith that if you go there, He will talk with you. For this kind of case, you don’t need a lawyer; you need only love. A lawyer can make a mistake. If you take love, what kind of mistake can ever come from love?

I am sure this may sound very strange to you. It must sound like a new thing, but some people ask, “Why isn’t there a priest standing there?” My answer is, “Everyone is a priest.” I say that because the ones who are sweeping the floors and who are bringing flowers are all priests of Jesus. It doesn’t mean that there is a special one. Yet from a socio-economic perspective you would say that the gardeners are very low-class, backward people. Yet what I understand is that Jesus might be most happy with those people are who are serving Him. They go with great respect and bring people to Jesus. They have their own way of praying and of bowing before Jesus. They will kiss His feet and put flowers there. All they say is, “Jesus, you know what I need. You know what our needs are, and we need Your healing.” They eat their meals with everyone else. I feel that they have a special blessing from Jesus. I’m sure you would say that they are not cultured. They don’t know how to use a spoon or a fork. On the other hand, from Jesus’ perspective, they are ones who come with great love. I know that the only thing Jesus stresses is that you should love everyone, not hurt anyone’s feelings, and always forgive other people’s mistakes and weaknesses.

I have never felt strange that Jesus is standing here. I have never questioned why Jesus would come and stand next to me. I always feel that this is His work. He is my great ancestor. He is my elder. So He has to come to His house, and I am here to welcome Him. If He were not to come and heal people, then why would people come here? What would I have to say if He were not doing the work? So He keeps doing His work of healing, and people keep coming.

So far I have found no one special way to love Jesus. It is not a matter of how one dresses. It is not a matter of your social level—whether you are in high or low position. It is not a matter of how many people come. However people go, He just calmly gives His healing to everyone. Even those people who may think they would never go to Jesus go anyway and He heals them, too. Even those who don’t accept Him—He heals them just the same as everyone else. It is not a matter of being Christian. I tell you that people of all faiths in this country—be they Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims—whoever comes to Gobind Sadan will definitely go to Jesus. There are two things that are very well-known here: that we are going to light seven candles at Jesus’ Place, and we are going to take the holy water that flows from under Jesus’ feet home to our houses. Even if they can’t bring a full garland of flowers, people always bring at least a flower to put at His feet. Then just from those simple actions people are healed, and they come and tell me. There was a person last night who was paralyzed, and they took him to Jesus’ Place, lit the candles, and His paralysis was relieved. Jesus would never leave His responsibility. He will definitely heal the person.

I’m sure this approach seems very different but will be very appealing to you, because here you won’t find a rigid approach. There have been many times when Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday falls on the same day as Christmas, or perhaps just one day apart. Once I asked Guru Gobind Singh, “How many lights should I have for Jesus’ Birthday?” Guru Gobind Singh told me to first find out, “How many lights were lit for My birthday?” The person I sent came back and told me that there were 20,000 lights for Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday. Guru Gobind Singh told me, “Then light 30,000 in celebration of Jesus’ Birthday.” That is the way I have always been trained. Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak have never told me to show any less respect—they want me to show more respect to Jesus.

I tell you this because in our Father’s house, they are all sitting together. It is my firm feeling that those people who stand in the way and preach are turning us away from Jesus. If we look at it truthfully, Jesus is not a cross. Yes, He was crucified, but it is not necessary to become a Christian to meet Jesus. That is why I tell you that He is everyone’s master.

This man standing in front of you just came by coincidence. He had cancer, and we sent him to Jesus’ Place and said, “Light candles there.” He said, “In my factory we will make 5-foot and 7-foot-high candles.” We said, “Bring them, light them, and let them keep burning—they won’t go out.” He is not a Christian, but that root of cancer has been destroyed; there isn’t any cancer left in his body.

When I see this kind of thing, I always tell people, “Don’t try to wall up Jesus within a building. He loves Nature.” He is one who does things according to His own will. If He is happy, He will have the cripples walk. If not, sometimes even someone’s headache won’t go away.

The way that people pray here may seem entirely different to you. I’m not a person who will read the Old Testament and then read the New Testament. To me, the greatest testament is what Jesus Himself is saying. He will simply give the order, and whatever He says is fine with me. That is why I tell you to open all your doors. Open the door wide enough that an elephant can walk through.

This idea that Jesus will only meet a Christian and that in communion we can give only the wine and the bread to Christians—He has never said that to me. To Jesus everyone is special. Who gets communion is a management decision of the Church. On one side there is the love of the Father; on the other side there is management. From time immemorial the managements of our various religions have broken people’s faith, because the management cannot be Jesus.

Therefore it behooves us all to understand what Jesus is saying and do what Jesus says. We may be standing and giving communion to people, while Jesus is looking toward the trees, to heal them. We are looking at Him in the church, while He may be standing where the tree is, or where an animal is.

I am telling you the truth from whatever I have experienced in my life on a day-to-day basis. I send people to Jesus just as a child one would send someone to its father, and say, “Go, my Father will take care of you.” I have never thought of Jesus as a Christian and never ever thought that He is only for Christians. It has never entered my mind. Jesus was born out of the Light, the same Light which gives light to the entire universe. So don’t think that Jesus has any boundaries. If you try to make any boundaries, then He will doubt your love. He will be disappointed with you. He is spread throughout all creation. What would the air do? What would the rivers do? They would all go wherever Jesus is. He will never come under our control, so leave Him as He is. If you want to find Him, He will always be with those in need. We are giving communion to people, but He is going to be with those who are sick, with those who are in need.

It may seem difficult and take a little time for you to understand these things. Perhaps you are thinking, “What is Babaji telling us? He is not a priest. He is not a Bishop, so what is he saying? Jesus has never appeared to us in this way.” Why would Jesus appear to you, when you have kept Him in a building, whereas I see Him in the whole universe? So look for Him within yourselves and look at Him in the whole cosmos. Then healing and love will come in all your homes.

I am not saying that it is wrong to make a place for worship. It is fine—it is a place where we can gather and worship and sing His praises, but don’t think that Jesus is going to be there, because He is everywhere. He would even sit in places that we might consider very dirty, where people have no food, where people have no homes. We have made beautiful buildings of marble and big pictures and put lights there. Yet Jesus is more likely to be with those who are sick, those who have no clothes, those who are in need. He may never have even gone to the church, because he is sitting out there with the people who need Him.

If we look at the history of Jesus, there was never any particular place. He was just walking, and people met Him on the way. He never said, “We have to go to some special place, some special clean place.” Where He was, He healed people. Wherever He brought His healing, that place would automatically become pure and clean. His healing is cleanliness. It is purity. He took that healing and cleanliness and purity everywhere, because that was His nature. It was His nature to heal the one who was in pain and to strengthen those who were weak.

That is why I tell you to open the doors of your mind. If you are going to make friends with one who is great like an elephant, then you have to break down those little doors so the elephant can come in. The more you break down the walls, the more you will see the whole world come together.

You can see in our country that there were people who were very much against the Muslims and the Christians. They were very powerful fundamentalists, but I brought them all here to pray at Christmas. I explained to them, “Jesus is not the one you have been told about.” That had a great impact on them. There was one person in particular, a high government official who was such a strong fundamentalist that he had shut out everyone else. He was a very powerful Hindu fundamentalist, but he went to a Christian state in India and when he came back he said, “Babaji, when I went to that state I spoke a lot about Jesus to them.” People were very surprised.

Why do we build boundaries around the One who sits inside us? The more we build these boundaries around the ones who are our Messiahs, the more there will be wars. There will be more hatred and people’s peace will end. So let us say those things that Jesus himself said. We should not try to change Jesus. Let us take His healing, because we are the ones who should change. These are the things that have caused tremendous strife and revolts in the world. Don’t see Jesus as part of a particular religion. His religion is Love. He is there simply to bring healing and to make us happy. As you know, He always stressed that the peacemakers are blessed, that those who help people in need are blessed, that those who heal the sick are blessed.

These are the things that we should all be thinking about, and I am sure you will all think about them. If we continue in our present course, all the peace in the whole world will be lost. We should therefore all focus on bringing peace. Why do people get angry? Because they are not friends with Jesus. Why are they firing at others? Because they don’t know Jesus. Why are they hurting someone else’s feelings? Because they don’t know Jesus. So we should truly understand who Jesus is. Break down those boundaries, and peace will spread throughout the world.

I am not one who has any particular party or sect. When the war in Iraq started, I sent a letter to Bush. I told him about Jesus and how Jesus felt about these actions. Whatever I wrote has actually come true. Jesus is my friend, and I wrote a letter to someone who was going against Jesus’ teachings. Everything that is going on today is absolutely against Jesus’ teachings. If we remember the teachings of Jesus, he said, “If someone takes your coat, run after him and give him the shirt off your back. If someone slaps you, turn the other cheek. Be happy.” His teachings were all about peace.

I am not a lecturer, but a simple person who loves Him. He is standing there under a simple hut, and has never complained to me, “Why haven’t you put marble walls around Me?” He is happy, and I am happy because He is happy.

I specifically say it to you, because it is your responsibility. Make a decision today. Ask, “Why are we afraid? Why are we afraid to speak of Jesus?” Are you under someone else’s pressure, or are you under Jesus’ pressure? I know you all know that Jesus has no boundaries, so speak of Jesus as He really is. You all know that Jesus doesn’t belong to any one country, but you still make boundaries and that is our misfortune. Open your hearts. Why should you close them? You will only be unhappy. You will be angry. You will be fearful. You will become nervous. What does that mean? You have locked the door on the healing that Jesus has to offer and thrown Him out. Open yourselves. He is sitting right within you. He is there healing you. You don’t even have to speak, because whatever healing Jesus gives you inside will come from within you and heal those who are next to you, those who are your neighbors. His healing will spread. If the air passes in front of you, it will be healed. If you stand beneath a tree, it will be healed. When you walk on the earth, it will be healed.

Throw out those boundaries you have created. Break them down if you have made them. It has been a long time that those boundaries have been bothering us. If we really look at it, those boundaries are Satan’s. So send Satan home now; throw him out. Tell him, “We don’t need a guest like you anymore; it is time for you to leave.” He will not go readily, or if you are polite with him, because he has gripped you. To control him and get rid of him, we all need a lot of healing. We need a lot of Jesus’ love. When Satan leaves, a tremendous amount of happiness will fill us and fill our homes. So let him go and throw him out. For hundreds of years he has dominated our lives. Get rid of him. Then dance, sing, and be happy. Then husband and wife will be happy, your children will be happy, your neighbors will be happy, your whole country will be happy.

From time immemorial, no one has ever been able to put any limit on love. Once Guru Nanak was sitting and looking at all of creation. He sang out to God, “How wondrous You are, God, that you have spread out the cosmos. Wherever I look, You are present. There is no end to Your love. There is no way that I can ever say how great You are, or express the extent of Your love. I see Your Light everywhere.” Thus Guru Nanak was saying, “There is no way I can ever speak of Your limit. You are everywhere. You are in everyone and in everything. Your Light is throughout all creation, but I can see that You are that which is true. You are the Truth in everything, but no one can ever reach the end of that truth, or the full understanding of You.” There is nothing in which God does not dwell. God is in the fire, water, and air. There is only one way to understanding that: for us to break down those boundaries and love God. Then peace will spread throughout the world.”


3 Responses to “My Jesus”

  1. Josh Says:

    Where did you find that. Interesting read. Great blog. Keep it up.

    Josh Andrews

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Hi Josh, the text comes from this site:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love the message. 🙂

  3. Russ Says:

    You’re Jesus and the Jesus of the Holy Bible are clearly two different people…

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