If you do… visit The Ooze from time to time. It's one hell of a mess.

I guess we all grow from all that happens, but boy oh boy. Seems like we're all pretty much into anger and hatred lately. And I'm really one of those. Always angry, always pissed off at something.

I think a break will be good.

Love, peace, good thoughts, and mercy are good for me. A little less hatred might also do me some good. A little less anger at God, christianity, (traditionally considered) orthodoxy, post-modernist christians, friends, family and loved ones will most surely be a positive thing in my life.

So if you want a bit of peace… don't visit for a while. Not if you're in the mood for a fight.

Oh and don't get me wrong. I love the place. Just not lately. 


Audio stuff

February 21, 2006

Veritas Forums are university events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. They have good audio stuff you might wanna check.

So I’m 30

January 17, 2006

Tomorrow I’ll be 30 years old. What can I say, in this world, so tough for many, it’s a blessing that I can say that I love life. I do love life.

Thank God for everything. Countless blessings. Countless. I’ve got so much people I love all around.
Praise God.

Thanks to all you guys too for being cool and good people.

(This year, I’m planning on taking on guitar playing again. I’m a terrible singer, I can only sing out of tune. But I don’t care. I’ll start learning folk music and enjoying the pleasure it gives me. James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Jodi Mitchell. Neil Diamond, Van Morrison. All the good stuff 30 year old people like to sing on guitars.)

One site to bind them all

January 13, 2006

I was chatting with David today and we were discussing this idea I had. We did some good brainstorming but he said the best idea would be to post it here and check people’s ideas.

So here’s what we wanna do. Ready? Hope you like it.

I want to get a domain on the internet (www.some-name-whatever-x.com) and create a site where we could all have our blogs online. So here was my initial idea: Suppose we get a name like http://www.journeyblogs.com. Then from there, we branch it out with subdomains like this:

Get the idea? And on the front page of the main site http://www.journeyblogs.com we have an extract of everyone’s last post. So it sorta gives you an overview of people’s journey and thoughts.

Initially it all grew from me telling David that if he wanted I could host a site for him on a server I’m working on. Then I thought “hey, I should get a real one too.” And then I just started picturing a sort of “tree” of people’s sites branching out from this One site.

Ok. that’s the main idea. Now here comes secondary ideas of what could become of a site like this.

Even though untill I saw “the ooze” I wasn’t aware of the Emerging church etc. thing… I’ve liked the people that call themselves “emergent” so far. So this site could become an interesting place for people interested in this thing called the emerging church to stop by. Also, more than that, it could become an interesting place for “outcasts” of religion to stop by. I mean. I’m a firm believer in God walking with people and helping us all. Even the people that don’t fit. The angry ones. The sad ones. The depressed ones. The joyful ones. I mean… everyone’s important no? And there’s like this huge frustration in people who think they don’t fit, and therefore they think they’re not with God.

So it can become a good place to hang around and read a while.

Also it can become a site that grows to the point that we can host articles written by people. Importan essays. Ideas. Online books. whatever you know? We can eventually host banners and promote good things.

I’d also love to have a REAL Ecumenical calendar online. A celebration of all christian traditions. We can have the eastern orthodox calendar, the Roman Catholic celebrations, protestant dates too (do they even have traditions?). ANyways ; )….. lol (didn’t mean to be mean, lol) SO yeah, have a true Christian calendar online for people to see.

So… those are some of my ideas. The idea is for you to please share yours. It’s essential. First if you’d like to participate. Second, if you do, what ideas do you have. Have you thought of important things that could be done online?

OHHHH. AND VERY important. We have to come up with a NAME. A name for the site. Please give at least some 3 or 4 options that might be good for a global site like this about Jesus, God, people, our walk.

The passage that I’ve been thinking about is the one about Emmaus. Here are some guys walking, depressed, telling God how depressed and hopeless they are because God is not with them! I mean it blows my mind. God is walkig next to them, listening to them, and they just can’t see that Jesus is there with them. They just can’t see HIM but HE IS THERE WITH THEM.

And I just feel that’s how mankind walks on this earth. It’s like Jesus is with them and they can’t see. And I think that’s how (at least I) as a christian live my life all the time. I go around “walking and reasoning,” not seeing Jesus, and Jesus walking with me listening. It’s so like we are. I want to sorta give that sense to the site you know?

But anyways, those are my ideas. Please, please we want to hear your ideas. We need to get a domain name.

(Oh and don’t worry. I mean, it’s not like anyone has to stop having their old blog. If you want to, we could import everything from your old blog to the new blog. Or you could just start a new one. Whatever. There are no rules. No one has to do anything specifically. No one has to feel pressure. The idea is to grow organically and smoothly).

I guess soon I’ll be moving from using WordPress.com to something else. I think I’ll host my own site so that I can control it better and do whatever I want with it.

Maybe monday.

My friend David wrote a very good post titled Victim. And all of these are sort of my current thoughts on some of the things the talks about.
Last night my wife asked me “Will only the just be saved?”

“No” I answered.

“Because I’m not just.” She said.

“How many just people are there? How many does the Bible say there is?”


“Then that’s it. Everyone will be saved.” I said. And then I said some more. Some of which I’ll try to write here.

I remember once looking in the Dictionary for the definition of God. It said in very simple, yet very powerful words, “The Supreme Being.” Wow. I was sort of waiting for a more complicated answer. Some sort of explanation of who God was. But the definition was pretty clear. It implied that God was one (singular), a being, and that he was amongst beings, the supreme one.

Yesterday after my wife asked me about the salvation of the unjust, that definition came to me immediately. I said “God is the supreme being. God is above us in every single way that we can think of.” That means that there is no single subject we can think of, no matter how complicated or whatever, in which God is not above and superior to us. I told her that I did not believe God wastes any time (if that’s possible) in keeping a record of wrongs or rights, of just or unjust. He’s simply above everything. God is love.

And just as a reminder, let’s not forget that according to the Bible’s definition of love, “… love keeps no record of wrong.” No record? Yes, no record. So if God is love, God has no record of our wrongs. How about that? Sounds good to me.

And I agree with David’s idea of salvation. If God has saved the world. Well, he has saved the world. He has done it. Missions, as far as I can tell, should be ourselves telling people the Good News, not that if they become christians God will receive them in their family, but that God has set things right and they are part of the family.

As you know. I’ve been reading only Matthew 6:6 lately. Only that. The more I read it the more things I believe I’m learning from only those verses about prayer. Here’s one of the most shocking things in all of those verses. Jesus is speaking with his disciples and says this to them “go into your room (your enclosed room), and pray to your Father who is in secret.”

“Yeah so what?” you might say. Well here’s the shocking thing. In most churches we get taught that we should repent and receive Jesus so that we can be with God. But here is Jesus telling people that God is already inside them! He speaks as if it’s not even an issue the whole “where is God?” thing. God is there! Talk to Him. Oh, and by the way, He is your Father.

This concept of God being always with people is absolutely revolutionary! God is with the people. And in that sense you can speak with God in secret as Adam did in the evening in Eden. It’s totally amazing!

Now here is what I think is the whole damage Satan causes. Anything that makes us fear God, avoid God, and think that we can’t be with Him, is to evil’s gain. I think it’s amazing the amount of energy that sons and daughters of God waste in feeling guilty and trying to pray to a God that they think is not OK with them. It’s years and years of a life wasted, not understanding that Jesus taught us that prayer should be a familiar talk with our Father… who is not “in heaven”… but “in secret” inside ourselves. That’s what must be the sad part. Avoiding God. Fear of God. Rejection of being “connected.”

Anyways. I’ve lost track. I forgot my point. But it’s simply this: I think God is above us. He saved us all from being apart from Him. That’s it. It’s done. He wants people. He’s not keeping a record of wrong because that’s against his very nature. He’s not human! We’ve got to stop reflecting our own wicked ways at God’s being. He is NOT like we are. NOT AT ALL. We should think about that more often. Jesus was perfect in every way, and showed perfect love, compassion, justice, mercy. Everything good, He did.

So anyways. I liked your post David. Sorry for rambling this way.


January 9, 2006

Sufi tradition is full of deep thoughts, poetry, and also good humor. Here’s a lovely story that speaks so much about human behaviour.

Nasrudin is looking for a parking place for already 20 minutes. He turns around, he waits, he drives a bit further, but finds nothing.

He has an important business meeting and he’s gonna be late, but nothing, no parking space. Filled with despair he raises his eyes up to the sky and says :

“My God, if you get me a parking space in five minutes, I promise to you that I’ll eat kosher (halal) food for the rest of my life…”

And suddenly – O miracle! – right next to him a car drives away leaving an ideal parking spot.

So Nasrudin turns his eyes to the sky and says: “God, stop searching, I found one!”