Free as in Freedom

July 27, 2006

In another blog I posted the question I had posted here before: “Is God free?”. The only answer I got was “yeah, but no.” 🙂
I say yes. Free as in freedom.

I asked this question before, because I notice that in many christian circles an un-free theology is taught and accepted.

God wants to receive you, but since you haven’t repented, he can’t.

God wants to listen to your prayers, but since you haven’t received Jesus, he can’t.

Turns out that people have lots of explanations for these sort of problems. God’s love is always present, but his holiness won’t allow him to do so and so. Who came up with these theories? Isn’t it a bit big to think we’ve got it all figured out?

Isn’t “I don’t know” a better answer than thinking God is bound to our theology? Is there no more mystery left in the entire universe that we even know all of the answers, even of the Supreme Being?

Three men had sick friends in the hospital. One was a Rabbi, the other was a Pastor, the other was a Punk. They all sat down in chairs, in different rooms, waiting for news about their sick loved ones. All of them at one point closed their eyes and prayed “God, please save my friend. Please.”

Who of those men did God listen to? What does your gut feeling say to you?


Do read

July 24, 2006

Brief moments of lucidity.

This is when I think God likes us most. When there’s less bull, and more real.


July 24, 2006

“Lately I’ve been feeling low, and a remedy’s what I’m looking for, cooking for.”

-Dave Matthews Band

That verse from DMB simply came to my mind right before I’d start to tell about what I’ve been up to lately.

I’m feeling good. Thank God my health has been OK, and that hasn’t been a problem since I left the hospital. I’ve been going to the gym for a couple of days now. I intend to keep on going, Lord willing.

I’m reading Thomas Keating. I’m practicing Centering Prayer. I’m doing a version I’ve got cooked that’s basically Centering Prayer and some practical lessons by Sakyong Rinpoche.

Amazing!It’s been a crazy 2 months. I’ve read a bunch of crazy philosophy and esoteric works. Fantastic works.

I read “Meetings with remarkable men” by Gurdjieff, half of “In search of the miraculous” by P.D. Ouspensky, listened to tons of Alan Watts from his audio archives. I’ve learned in 2 months a lot about Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. And I’ve learned about the ancient Jewish religion of the Old Testament and about Christianity too.

God is very good. And I’ve enjoyed this time very much. My life is very blessed. It’s always been. Thank God.

I hope you guys are OK. Please let me know how you’re doing.


The sleeping brother

June 8, 2006

Some old men went to Abba Poemen and asked,"If we see brothers sleeping during the common prayer, should we wake them?"
Abba Poemen answered,
"If I see my brother sleeping, I put his head on my knees
and let him rest."
Then one old man spoke up,
"And how do you explain yourself before God?"
Abba Poemen replied,
"I say to God: You have said, 'First take the beam out of your own eye and then you will be able to remove the splinter from the eye of your brother.' "
Taken from "Stories from the Desert Fathers".

Restless seeker

May 28, 2006

"I was in such a hurry to find God, that I forgot to pray!"

A question

May 23, 2006

Is God free?

Yesterday me and wife started going to the "40 day with purpose" program that they're doing in the church we sometimes go to. It was very interesting. And it was good for a lot of different reasons.

The guy in charge was one of the pastors of the church. A positive man, with good attitude and what I'd call, a simple approach to christianity. A man of faith, a smile and who's sort of got the formula working. A good guy.

His entire family was there. 3 daughters and his teenage son. Also a woman named Ana, and a middle aged couple. All good people.

First there's this introductory video, where a pastor said that through the DVD that a life without a purpose was empty, void, meaningless. All of this based on Eclesiastes 1 (which I enjoyed a lot). I like Salomon's depression after staring at life for a while.

Then the pastor explained the good things that come with a purpose. Motivation and focus. (Those two stood out).

The good thing is that people get to talk from time to time, you know, say what "you think" about a certain subject. This was funny, because I got to know a bit about myself. I had a strong desire to take over the entire thing and give long speeches about every single thing. But sure enough, I would have enjoyed that more than the rest of the people. 🙂

So here's a bit of what people feel about life the most:

  • That it's out of control.
  • That it's emptiness.

And what people feel a life with a purpose would be is:

  • Having motivation.
  • Having a clear goal.
  • Sharing your load with God.

So that was the basic outline of what happened there.

Now here's a bit of stuff I thought of. The pastor mentioned that he came to Christ out of fear of eternal damnation. Why did you come to Christ at the very beggining?

That's when it hit me!!! I could remember perfectly! The only reason I came to Jesus was out love and the desire to seek God. Jesus charmed me with his parables. He was so misterious. He was so different and his teachings so strange to me. I remember that I didn't know the New Testament texts. It was so amazing.

Thanks to the pastor's question I was able to see that I wasn't drawn to God through fear (is it actually possible to be drawn to anyone through fear?). I was taught fear through the church. I learned from them about the supposedly existing problem of "saved" or "unsaved," about "accepting Jesus" and about "eternal conscious torment."

Anyways, the good thing is knowing that I started on the right foot. Which by the way, I have no intention of leaving.

Also, it was so funny to see that the average evangelical's belief about eternal life in "heaven" is exactly the same as the Egyptian Osirian religion. (My stepdad being an egyptologist, I was able to enjoy this). Funny that evangelicals mention egypt as "the bad guys" not knowing that they have inherited so much of their beliefs from them.

So all of this was from only one night. It'll be 5 weeks of group meetings. I hope I learn and make the best of it. Me and Yeri.