Free as in Freedom

July 27, 2006

In another blog I posted the question I had posted here before: “Is God free?”. The only answer I got was “yeah, but no.” 🙂
I say yes. Free as in freedom.

I asked this question before, because I notice that in many christian circles an un-free theology is taught and accepted.

God wants to receive you, but since you haven’t repented, he can’t.

God wants to listen to your prayers, but since you haven’t received Jesus, he can’t.

Turns out that people have lots of explanations for these sort of problems. God’s love is always present, but his holiness won’t allow him to do so and so. Who came up with these theories? Isn’t it a bit big to think we’ve got it all figured out?

Isn’t “I don’t know” a better answer than thinking God is bound to our theology? Is there no more mystery left in the entire universe that we even know all of the answers, even of the Supreme Being?

Three men had sick friends in the hospital. One was a Rabbi, the other was a Pastor, the other was a Punk. They all sat down in chairs, in different rooms, waiting for news about their sick loved ones. All of them at one point closed their eyes and prayed “God, please save my friend. Please.”

Who of those men did God listen to? What does your gut feeling say to you?


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