The sleeping brother

June 8, 2006

Some old men went to Abba Poemen and asked,"If we see brothers sleeping during the common prayer, should we wake them?"
Abba Poemen answered,
"If I see my brother sleeping, I put his head on my knees
and let him rest."
Then one old man spoke up,
"And how do you explain yourself before God?"
Abba Poemen replied,
"I say to God: You have said, 'First take the beam out of your own eye and then you will be able to remove the splinter from the eye of your brother.' "
Taken from "Stories from the Desert Fathers".


2 Responses to “The sleeping brother”

  1. Seraphim Says:

    Hey bro. God’s peace.

    Reminds me of The story of the Lazy Monk



  2. goteeman Says:

    Right on, Gaston…

    nice post… I love the fact that on both accounts, the answer was honest, humble, loving, and without judgement…


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