Restless seeker

May 28, 2006

"I was in such a hurry to find God, that I forgot to pray!"


3 Responses to “Restless seeker”

  1. Goteeman Says:

    I think we overcomplicate both – “finding” God and “praying”. Why not just settle into a relationship with Him and enjoy Him, and talk to Him and listen to Him. Sometimes I think we get lost in the language that has been given to us through religion and the man made approach, when God has made it so simple…

    and there’s always the possibility that I am wrong…

    But I am enjoying Him in any case…

  2. dionpugil Says:


    The funny thing about the finding, is that probably that’s not the right word to use.

    It’s more like a realization of God’s constant presence. Eventually, you can’t find him “anywhere” because YOU are the temple.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Gaston. I miss talking to you. I hope you are doing well. How is your wife? God bless.

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