40 days with a purpose. Day 1.

May 4, 2006

Yesterday me and wife started going to the "40 day with purpose" program that they're doing in the church we sometimes go to. It was very interesting. And it was good for a lot of different reasons.

The guy in charge was one of the pastors of the church. A positive man, with good attitude and what I'd call, a simple approach to christianity. A man of faith, a smile and who's sort of got the formula working. A good guy.

His entire family was there. 3 daughters and his teenage son. Also a woman named Ana, and a middle aged couple. All good people.

First there's this introductory video, where a pastor said that through the DVD that a life without a purpose was empty, void, meaningless. All of this based on Eclesiastes 1 (which I enjoyed a lot). I like Salomon's depression after staring at life for a while.

Then the pastor explained the good things that come with a purpose. Motivation and focus. (Those two stood out).

The good thing is that people get to talk from time to time, you know, say what "you think" about a certain subject. This was funny, because I got to know a bit about myself. I had a strong desire to take over the entire thing and give long speeches about every single thing. But sure enough, I would have enjoyed that more than the rest of the people. 🙂

So here's a bit of what people feel about life the most:

  • That it's out of control.
  • That it's emptiness.

And what people feel a life with a purpose would be is:

  • Having motivation.
  • Having a clear goal.
  • Sharing your load with God.

So that was the basic outline of what happened there.

Now here's a bit of stuff I thought of. The pastor mentioned that he came to Christ out of fear of eternal damnation. Why did you come to Christ at the very beggining?

That's when it hit me!!! I could remember perfectly! The only reason I came to Jesus was out love and the desire to seek God. Jesus charmed me with his parables. He was so misterious. He was so different and his teachings so strange to me. I remember that I didn't know the New Testament texts. It was so amazing.

Thanks to the pastor's question I was able to see that I wasn't drawn to God through fear (is it actually possible to be drawn to anyone through fear?). I was taught fear through the church. I learned from them about the supposedly existing problem of "saved" or "unsaved," about "accepting Jesus" and about "eternal conscious torment."

Anyways, the good thing is knowing that I started on the right foot. Which by the way, I have no intention of leaving.

Also, it was so funny to see that the average evangelical's belief about eternal life in "heaven" is exactly the same as the Egyptian Osirian religion. (My stepdad being an egyptologist, I was able to enjoy this). Funny that evangelicals mention egypt as "the bad guys" not knowing that they have inherited so much of their beliefs from them.

So all of this was from only one night. It'll be 5 weeks of group meetings. I hope I learn and make the best of it. Me and Yeri.


8 Responses to “40 days with a purpose. Day 1.”

  1. kingsjoy Says:

    Enjoy your 40 Days. I’ve done a couple of those.

    That’s cool~what you expressed about being drawn to Jesus’ words, the mystery. I don’t remember exactly what drew me to Him. Nothing so wonderful as that.

    Curious: what are the beliefs about eternal life shared by the average evangelical and the Egyptian Osirian religion?

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Basically all Christian beliefs about the resurrection are almost identical to the ancient religion of Osiris.

    That what we do here will have permanent effects on "eternal life."

    And you see, some Christians believe that there's gonna be some sort of "rank" in heaven. Like you might get a big room in the Father's house, and I might get a smaller one. And maybe Michael will get a bigger crown than Darla's. That sort of thing. That "material" feel to the "other world," where people have "heavenly possessions" is absolutely the same thing that the people of the religion of Osiris believed for thousands of years in Egypt.

    I have no problem with it, though I don't subscribe to most of those beliefs about what eternal life is. So it's not like I'm criticizing them or anything. It's a totally valid belief. And hey, it might just be like that after all! It's just a funny thing that I was able to perceive because of my upbringing with my step dad.

  3. darla Says:

    michael will most certainly NOT have a bigger crown than me! ha ha ha ha… just kidding! 🙂 very interesting stuff. thanks for sharing that!!

    i hope you enjoy your 40 days as well…. i’m so glad you’ve found some good people to hang out with. 🙂 and i’m glad you’re feeling better. you and yeri are in our thoughts!!

  4. dionpugil Says:

    Thanks guys. Yes I’m hoping I’ll enjoy all the meetings.

  5. Goteeman Says:

    Gaston – That’s awesome. Been through some of that in the past, and enjoyed it a good bit. Identity and purpose are two important aspects of life. Without them, we are like ships without rudders or sails.
    Sail on, dude.

  6. Seraphim Says:

    funny, about the Egyptian thing. I am mulling over a story/post/blog title from the Sun God to the Son of God, has the story really changed?



  7. mdwinn Says:

    Hey Gaston, I like the spiritual ideal of a 40 day journey. In a time when discipline of any kind is foreign, a 40 day journey is quite an accomplishment. May you find the path enriching!

    Yes I too have stumbled across the Egyptian connections. Moses grew up in the best of Egyptian education so of course he would be knowledgeable of the customs and gods. If you look at the plagues you can see Yahweh reversing the very creatures that symbolically represent the gods (frog, locust, Nile, etc…). I love that stuff. Either Moses is just brilliant or I think he had help. Hmmmm….

    Glad to hear you have made some healthy relationships in a community where you feel like you have a voice if you need to ask a question. That is very encouraging. It is good to wrestle with other travelers on the journey of faith.

  8. Anne Says:

    Gaston, I made the same kind of journey to Christ that you did. I’d heard about hell, but never really believed I’d go there, no matter what people told me. It was a reason for living that created a hunger for God – not a fear of what happened when I died.

    I love how open you are! Most of us want to take the stage and share all our sage and wise thoughts, and it cracks me up how you so openly share how you had to hold yourself back. Me too, me too. I must have a feeling inside that I have absolutely brilliant things to impart to others. Fortunately I have a teenage boy whose eyes glaze over at times when I’m talking and remind me otherwise.

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