Do you lack anxiety and troubles in your life?

April 22, 2006

If you do… visit The Ooze from time to time. It's one hell of a mess.

I guess we all grow from all that happens, but boy oh boy. Seems like we're all pretty much into anger and hatred lately. And I'm really one of those. Always angry, always pissed off at something.

I think a break will be good.

Love, peace, good thoughts, and mercy are good for me. A little less hatred might also do me some good. A little less anger at God, christianity, (traditionally considered) orthodoxy, post-modernist christians, friends, family and loved ones will most surely be a positive thing in my life.

So if you want a bit of peace… don't visit for a while. Not if you're in the mood for a fight.

Oh and don't get me wrong. I love the place. Just not lately. 


6 Responses to “Do you lack anxiety and troubles in your life?”

  1. gerbmom Says:

    Wow – what's going on over at the Ooze anyway? Total melt down? I quit posting there last August cuz I got tired of the same old circular debates and also judgemental people. I was thinking about going back and visiting again, but maybe I won't after what I saw today….. It's sad don't you think?

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Well. At least that’s my perception of how things are.

    Everyone’s pretty angry it seems. Not everyone, but a lot of people.

    Me too I guess. Not good.

  3. Yeah, dude. I occasionally go back to view a few, but then get disgusted and move on back to reading blogs like yours, Darla’s and Michaels, and a few others.

    Maybe it will be back on track at some point, but right now, just seems like a big food fight….


  4. seraphim Says:

    yo bro!

    i hope i’ve not contributed to your not being on the Ooze. various times some of us speak up — and are shouted down. I for one cannot believe the last ‘shouting match’ if you will, was about the necessity of beliving in the Resurrection of Christ and what that means to being a Christian.

    Interesting enough, part of the problem is that most of the time folk don’t ‘read what you are typing’ they read what they think you are really saying.

    So when I posted on Romans 10:9 & 10 it was suggested I was saying say a prayer and do nothing else.




  5. dionpugil Says:

    You know, I think many people have interpreted that being in the ooze is all about contraditing whatever you have to say. And that’s the “war” team.

    Then there’s the other team where people seem to not even want to “question” anything. That’s the “safe” team.

    And so seems like people are not really enjoying the talk.

    And yes, I’ve noticed too that people will read what they think they read.

  6. Catie Says:


    Just was wondering where you were. Now, I understand you are taking a break.

    I hope you and your wife are well.

    Miss you on the ooze.

    Many blessings,

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