20 minute church

February 19, 2006

Today I went to chuch. A church I had been invited to by a friend like 2 years ago. I thought I’d go.

Since my wife’s been on a really bad crisis of physical pain, I thought (just like most of humanity does) that church might be a good place to find some comfort.

I left after like the first 6 minutes of the sermon. It was all about “The reasons why there’s not a revival in the church.” Honestly, I couldn’t care less about why there’s not a revival. Maybe it’s because pastors are still preaching about those “reasons” that there’s not a revival.

-Sorry for the foul mood 😉

Still many things give me comfort. God himself. Thomas Keating audio files I’ve been listening to. Talking with Seraph and Anne at the Ooze. Harlequin at the Ooze. David on MSN. And all the guys’ blogs. Even though I’ve not been writing much, I do look around :-).


2 Responses to “20 minute church”

  1. Goteeman Says:

    Buddy, I am with you completely. I find comfort in places I didn’t expect, and can’t find comfort in the ones I would have expected (if I hadn’t already lost all my illusion and wunderlust – LOL).

    I don’t think it’s a foul mood at all. I think you are on the money. Who the hell cares if there is a revival when your life and circumstances are very hard??? How does that message or anything that goes on in most churches help me get through?

    I’ve found more comfort in relationships of those who love us, and between me, Kim and God… So I invest in those. My time is too valuable to waste on anything superficial, theological, philisophical or **Religious**. I want the real deal – real relationship, and I won’t settle for less – with God or with others.


  2. Seraphim Says:

    eh. Going thru a mood myself. Giving up on rationallizing or reading myself into the ‘correct’ church. Odd’s are like 99 percent I’ll be back at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church within a Sunday or two.

    I thought I’d share what I wrote about in a thread on Ooze, in WB’s One Step Closer thread.

    ” I love ya man. I appreciate your input to my threads, where you don’t pussy-foot around and give it to me like a man… the truth that is.

    When I try to ‘read myself into Truth’ or ‘morph myself by my reading’ I find my opinions, my paradyms changing from day to day…

    and wonder when the schizophrenic break is going to come.

    So the other day, I’m filling out forms for a consult for surgery on my back (the whole degenerative disc disease thing, the whole herniated disc thing with multilayer arthiritis thing) and I list Fr. Robert as one of my emergency contacts.

    Why? Well I pondered on all the stuff you ask and shared with me and came to this conclusion.

    If I knew I was in bed dying. Like I only had a few moments to live, which ‘professional Christian’ which pastor would I want to be there to be ‘Christ’ for me in those hours. Who is the one pastor who has been like a spiritual father for me and has never given up, even when I’ve not been at his church for a year?

    Fr. Robert. Which body of believers embodies Jesus to me? Has circled around me like ‘Chrisitans’. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. And when I think back on the times when, at church I’ve felt like I was touching God and worshipping something else, not my intellect or a system of ideas but felt that what we were doing was God-ward, where was that?

    In the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church. I’ve missed going to special services, sanctified pre-liturgies and vespers.

    So. Somehow I see where I am. I know where I want to be. How in the hell do I get there? I have to ‘release’ my bride from any obligation to attend somewhere she is not comfortable.

    I wonder if where ‘we’ are now, was just me helping her find ‘her’ place.

    ah. i guess it’s just not supposed to be easy.”

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