So I’m 30

January 17, 2006

Tomorrow I’ll be 30 years old. What can I say, in this world, so tough for many, it’s a blessing that I can say that I love life. I do love life.

Thank God for everything. Countless blessings. Countless. I’ve got so much people I love all around.
Praise God.

Thanks to all you guys too for being cool and good people.

(This year, I’m planning on taking on guitar playing again. I’m a terrible singer, I can only sing out of tune. But I don’t care. I’ll start learning folk music and enjoying the pleasure it gives me. James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Jodi Mitchell. Neil Diamond, Van Morrison. All the good stuff 30 year old people like to sing on guitars.)


8 Responses to “So I’m 30”

  1. darla Says:

    happy birthday gaston!! man…. 30. i’ve got you beat by five years! 🙂 yes, you should definitely take up guitar…. i keep telling myself i’m going to take up violin again…. can’t seem to find the time. so go for it! i hope you get to celebrate with all your friends and family and your beautiful bride. eat good food, and drink some good wine! 🙂 i’ll be celebrating in spirit with you. blessings to you on this day.

  2. kingsjoy Says:

    Happy Birthday, Gaston!!! Welcome to your 30s 🙂 I’m living my last year of that decade, and it’s been a good one. Got married, had three kids, and other good stuff. I still haven’t picked up that guitar in my closet, but maybe this is the year!

    Blessings to you on this day…have a great one!!


  3. karen Says:

    Happy, happy birthday. But you guys all make me feel sooooooooooo old! Wait til your 40’s my friends! 🙂 To be fair, I wasted my thirties. Shame on me. I’m making up for it now. I actually have a life. Not so much hesitancy, fear or worry about what others think. Obviously, if you have been following my spiritual journey at all….
    So, anyway, Gaston my friend – enjoy today and all the days of your thirties, get out that guitar and let er rip. I’ll sing with you anyday!
    Blessings on this wonderful, happy day!

  4. Anne Says:

    Gaston, Happy Birthday! May you be filled with lots of strummingly beautiful God chords in the coming year and may life bring joyous harmony. And may you not break any strings. 🙂

  5. dionpugil Says:

    Thank you all!!!!!!! Thanks, you guy’s are really, really cool.

  6. Being_Me Says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Gaston, Happy Birthday to you.

    I hope I didn’t hurt your ears. I can’t sing either. I hope you enjoyed your day. The thirties are great!

  7. GoteeMan Says:

    We were just talking today. We had a birthday party last night for Being_Me (Kim), and had several friends over. I say “friends”, but really, they are so much more than that to us. We are so richly blessed to be surrounded by those who so deeply love us and are willing to be so open, available and transparent to us. It’s amazing.


  8. GoteeMan Says:

    Hey, I also took up the guitar again around age 30. Now, I’m 37, and it has been amazing how quickly I picked it up and how much I have enjoyed playing. I’ve learned songs by James Taylor, Howie day, Third Day, Kansas, and a bunch of others.

    Found some really good sites for tabs:
    and for some christian music (mainly 3rd day, for me)…

    L8R, dude…

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