One site to bind them all

January 13, 2006

I was chatting with David today and we were discussing this idea I had. We did some good brainstorming but he said the best idea would be to post it here and check people’s ideas.

So here’s what we wanna do. Ready? Hope you like it.

I want to get a domain on the internet ( and create a site where we could all have our blogs online. So here was my initial idea: Suppose we get a name like Then from there, we branch it out with subdomains like this:

Get the idea? And on the front page of the main site we have an extract of everyone’s last post. So it sorta gives you an overview of people’s journey and thoughts.

Initially it all grew from me telling David that if he wanted I could host a site for him on a server I’m working on. Then I thought “hey, I should get a real one too.” And then I just started picturing a sort of “tree” of people’s sites branching out from this One site.

Ok. that’s the main idea. Now here comes secondary ideas of what could become of a site like this.

Even though untill I saw “the ooze” I wasn’t aware of the Emerging church etc. thing… I’ve liked the people that call themselves “emergent” so far. So this site could become an interesting place for people interested in this thing called the emerging church to stop by. Also, more than that, it could become an interesting place for “outcasts” of religion to stop by. I mean. I’m a firm believer in God walking with people and helping us all. Even the people that don’t fit. The angry ones. The sad ones. The depressed ones. The joyful ones. I mean… everyone’s important no? And there’s like this huge frustration in people who think they don’t fit, and therefore they think they’re not with God.

So it can become a good place to hang around and read a while.

Also it can become a site that grows to the point that we can host articles written by people. Importan essays. Ideas. Online books. whatever you know? We can eventually host banners and promote good things.

I’d also love to have a REAL Ecumenical calendar online. A celebration of all christian traditions. We can have the eastern orthodox calendar, the Roman Catholic celebrations, protestant dates too (do they even have traditions?). ANyways ; )….. lol (didn’t mean to be mean, lol) SO yeah, have a true Christian calendar online for people to see.

So… those are some of my ideas. The idea is for you to please share yours. It’s essential. First if you’d like to participate. Second, if you do, what ideas do you have. Have you thought of important things that could be done online?

OHHHH. AND VERY important. We have to come up with a NAME. A name for the site. Please give at least some 3 or 4 options that might be good for a global site like this about Jesus, God, people, our walk.

The passage that I’ve been thinking about is the one about Emmaus. Here are some guys walking, depressed, telling God how depressed and hopeless they are because God is not with them! I mean it blows my mind. God is walkig next to them, listening to them, and they just can’t see that Jesus is there with them. They just can’t see HIM but HE IS THERE WITH THEM.

And I just feel that’s how mankind walks on this earth. It’s like Jesus is with them and they can’t see. And I think that’s how (at least I) as a christian live my life all the time. I go around “walking and reasoning,” not seeing Jesus, and Jesus walking with me listening. It’s so like we are. I want to sorta give that sense to the site you know?

But anyways, those are my ideas. Please, please we want to hear your ideas. We need to get a domain name.

(Oh and don’t worry. I mean, it’s not like anyone has to stop having their old blog. If you want to, we could import everything from your old blog to the new blog. Or you could just start a new one. Whatever. There are no rules. No one has to do anything specifically. No one has to feel pressure. The idea is to grow organically and smoothly).


11 Responses to “One site to bind them all”

  1. Gaston,

    I have been thinking some similar thoughts, that is why I asked you your hosting plans after your earlier post. I have been looking at blog solutions that let multiple blogs share one database. Being a Coldfusion guy myself I had decided to move myself, and a friend who I am helping get into blogging on Blog CFC.

    I will stay open for now…. I am very intrested in being a part of this…

  2. mdwinn Says:

    hey brother, I would be glad to donate to this effort. I would be glad to open it up to whoever would like to partner in the maintaince and update of it. we can change the home page with the tree image, that sounds really amazing to me.

  3. dionpugil Says:

    Kenvin, the thing is I’m hosting a couple of sites on They have this huge package with tons and tons of space and bandwidth. I’ve already payed for a year, so I thought I’d help and set up something in any way I could.

    They don’t offer any cold fusion. They do PHP, Perl, RubyonRails and Python. It’s actually very cool.

    Now about the blogging software. WordPress let’s you set up one blog and multiple users. So does Textpattern (which is the one I’ll probably end up using for my blog). But it does require to modify and set up your own templates and stuff.

    Now, I have access to unlimited subdomains. So suppose we were to use I could set everyone’s blog like, And in that sense, anyone can use whatever blogging software they want. Cus I can set unlimited databases.

  4. dionpugil Says:

    Now about using, I don’t know what to say. I mean I could use it. Gladly. But I’m not sure what the purpose of the site is or whatever.

    So I don’t want to just take it and change it all the way. Know what I mean? What do the rest of the people think?

  5. Truthfully, do we need be all on the same software, or even server or I think we need only to have a confederacy of people. Some who need hosting and some who merely need a CNAME record from their subdomain on master blog. The combination master blog could be controlled by installing an XML feed reader to aggreate everyone’s RSS output.

    The important question is how do you control access. Would this be a by invitation or could anyone “sign up” because I think you could get people like the “Slice of Laodecia” types who would sign up to work against the idea of the site.

  6. One other thing. I like the Emmaus road reference, is available right now. I grabbed it just because I though it was a cool idea… I mean I’ll hold it and if you decide that is the name you want to go with we’ll transfer it whereever we need to.

    I am not like saying, “Hey use my name because I got it.” I was just like “Hey that’s cool, let’s make sure we have it if others like it.”

    So that’s just my thought right now, but I will keep thinking.

  7. Julia Says:

    Dion – I like your idea of everyone’s blog being at one site. I’m pretty technically illiterate and low on creativity, but I would love to be a part of it. Julia (millerj2k2 on the ooze)

  8. dionpugil Says:

    We would definitely have to know the person. It’s not like people can say “oh cool I want my blog there.”

    The whole thing was that I offered David hosting for his site if he wanted to buy a doman name. Cus for a whole year I have a lot of space already payed for.

    Anyways, then I thought, hey, I could set my own blog on my hosting too. And then I say, well, I could have like my friends’ blogs hosted and sort of have a little christian site thing going on. A sort of unconventional christian site.

    But yes, the more I’ve thought about it, the more it seems to me that my idea can be accomplished with just RSS feeds. Now, does blogger output full RSS feeds or only extracts? Anyways… I’ll start doing some tests today. I’ll show you guys what I come up with. In that sense, it might all be easier than we think. Everyone can keep their own blog, and we could just have like a “centralized” site that outputs everyone’s content.

    Now I do want to have that Christian Calendar with all traditions displayed. It might remind us all that christianity is a one-group-only has it right religion. 🙂

  9. Blogger does output full feeds if the user sets his “site feed” setting to full in the Settings menus. I could write a little tutorial for you.

  10. kingsjoy Says:

    Hey, guys. What is a blogring? Is it anything like what we’re talking about? Anyway, I’m no help on the technical stuff…but loving the idea of creating a meeting place of sorts.

    BTW, Gaston: importing Blogger to WordPress got over my head really fast, so I didn’t do anything with that.

  11. Seraphim Says:

    Dion I like the idea of having a page that ‘links’ or ‘refers’ our blogs…

    I’m all for it. and belated happy b day man! I’ve not seen you on my (insert shameless plug here) Blog lately!



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