January 9, 2006

Sufi tradition is full of deep thoughts, poetry, and also good humor. Here’s a lovely story that speaks so much about human behaviour.

Nasrudin is looking for a parking place for already 20 minutes. He turns around, he waits, he drives a bit further, but finds nothing.

He has an important business meeting and he’s gonna be late, but nothing, no parking space. Filled with despair he raises his eyes up to the sky and says :

“My God, if you get me a parking space in five minutes, I promise to you that I’ll eat kosher (halal) food for the rest of my life…”

And suddenly – O miracle! – right next to him a car drives away leaving an ideal parking spot.

So Nasrudin turns his eyes to the sky and says: “God, stop searching, I found one!”


2 Responses to “Promises”

  1. kingsjoy Says:

    Oh yeah, that’s me! Although, I must say, I gave up making those empty promises a while back. Not like He ever fell for it anyway. But I do find myself taking credit for things that are completely out of my control–things that He provides.

    And I’ve never tried to eat kosher 😉

  2. I loves this…Everyone at my work loves this. I am Soooooo glad you shared it. It was THE highlight of my day yesterday!!! Thanx

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