What is the emerging church

January 4, 2006

I really recommend the audio files where Brian McLaren speaks about “What is the Emerging Church.” I had already posted about them. Do hear them.

What is the Emerging Church.


2 Responses to “What is the emerging church”

  1. darla Says:

    okay… listened to the first one while cleaning this morning… first off, are you the person from costa rica that he’s talking about?? 🙂

    second of all, i did like it…. i liked when he talked about not calling it “THE” emerging church… sounds like a cult for sure, like THE one true thing or something… i can see where it gets people into that us vs. them mentality. at first i had a hard time believing that he doesn’t use the word or connect himself with it (it seems like it’s ultra cool now to disassociate yourself from labels – which i do too, i hate them, but not because i’m trying to be cool), but then thought about when he said that he started this series because people in his church were a little confused about what it meant, so apparently he doesn’t just go around tossing that word out, or they would have known all about it. anyway, all in all, it was good to hear his “side” of this story and debate…. he certainly does get his share of persecution, right?

    i’d like to listen to the others too… have you heard them all?

  2. dionpugil Says:

    I’ve listened to 3 already. #2 is my favorite. It’s so awsome. I like how this guy preaches.

    And no, it wasn’t me from Costa Rica he was talking about. I was curious too, because I had written him before.

    #2 is great audio.

    And it does seem like he really doesn’t like the term “THE Emerging Church” at all. I like him.

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