Pandora Project

December 19, 2005

It’s music to my ears. Pandora project is amazing. Let the music player know what you like, and it will make you your own radio station based on your musical tastes.

Tonight, I’m enjoying the subtle melancholy and love that I get from listening to old folk songs. It brings back all the beauty and mystery of my childhood.

Here’s the link to my radio station in case you wanna cry some happy tears with me. “Wild World Radio Station.” (Cable connection would help).



5 Responses to “Pandora Project”

  1. Darla Says:

    gaston… thanks for the link… listening to natalie merchant right now.. LOVE HER!! i just posted something about music on my blog too. it’s cool to see what other musical tastes people have. i seem to get stuck in one sound… i want to branch out… any other good suggestions??

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Well, here’s the music I’m into:

    – 80s stuff. Rock. I was born in 1976, so the 80s remind me a lot of being a child, and loving music. I started playing drums when I was like 11 or 12. I loved rock. Van Halen, Def Leppard, Motley Crew, whatever…

    -Indie Rock. I guess this is probably my favorite genre. Dinosaur Jr., Death Cab for Cutie… just that melodic wild sound, melencholic singing, the lyrics filled with a longing for who knows what…

    -Old Heavy Metal. I played in a “metal” band as a teenager. Iron Maiden. Old Metallica. Anthrax. Death Angel. Suicidal Tendencies… (nice names huh?)

    -Van Morrison. He’s a category on his own. He is IT. Van’s lyrics… full of spirituality, mixed up religions, despair-and-enlightenment all at once… he’s the one that reaches inside me most sometimes… (For starters, Avalon Sunset is the album)

    -Jason Upton. This guy’s the only christian music I listen to right now. He’s the only artist I’ve listened to that seems to really let the Spirit lead him while he’s recording his music. (Not that the rest are not Spirit filled, I don’t know). But this guy’s songs really touch me.

    If you’re interested in any of these, or Michael is, please let me know, and I’ll send you guys some songs via internet. I’ll upload them and let you guys download them.

  3. darla Says:

    woah… no wonder we like you! 🙂 you really have a lot of the same musical tastes, except for the folksy stuff… i’m not too familiar with a lot of it… i mean, i’ve heard it, but don’t listen to it on a regular basis. i of course love 80s also – big hair bands is what i call them! saw motley crew in concert when i was 15!! i’ll never forget that. who doesn’t love van halen, right?

    indie rock is probably my fav too – love coldplay (wish i could find more bands that sound like them – i put that into the pandora music thing and i’m hearing a lot of bands that are good. i haven’t heard death cab for cutie – but have heard of them. i guess they’re good?? i still love all the old 80s indie/emo stuff – depeche mode, the cure, smiths, morrissey…. it’s so sappy. 🙂

    old heavy metal – used to like it between the ages of 15-18 – moreso like Ozzy, Scorpions (remember them?)… didn’t get into the heavy, heavy stuff…

    i’ve seen you talk about van morrison on your blog before… have heard some of his stuff, but definitely want to check it out more now! 🙂

    JASON UPTON!! yes, we LOVE him…. we saw him in concert here a couple of years ago… he is absolutely amazing live…. he is in a world of his own… it’s awesome – i know what you mean about spirit-filled – he’s almost like a prophet…. singing and speaking… it’s really something else.

    as far as other christian music that is good, have you heard forever changed? they’re a band out of tallahassee actually, but they just signed with a label… they’re a good indie/emo band. also denison marrs – oh, my… they sound a lot like the cure/80s emo stuff. they have a song called Keeping it Real about jesus… the lyrics are incredible. you can listen to a sample of their stuff at you can hear forever changed here:

    forever changed
    sometimes their lyrics can still be a little “churchy” but i like their sound and they’re really great guys.

    anyway…. just a few of our favorites!! how do you send songs over the internet by the way??

  4. dionpugil Says:

    Woo hoo, I love it when I get recommendations. I’ll check out those christian bands you mentioned.

    The folky stuff comes from my parents. My dad used to play guitar at home. I grew up on The Beatles, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Carole King and Seals and Crofts.

    I listen to it a lot cus it sort of calms me down.

    Do I remember the Scorpions and Ozzy??? lol Of course I do! I still play “Crazy Train” every once in a while.

    I’ll be writing you with some links to music.

  5. darla Says:

    you will not believe it! i’m listening to Pandora, and i put in U2 as a band i liked…. they are playing black sabbath right now!!! OZZY!!!!! ha ha ha ha

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