The funniest post ever

December 1, 2005

This has to be the funniest of posts I’ve ever read on a blog.

You know you’re emergent if…


5 Responses to “The funniest post ever”

  1. darla Says:

    ha ha… this is funny… too typical though, right? i was surprised that it didn’t include anything about coffee! :0 most “emergent” churches in our area are focused around their coffee bars. so sad. i don’t really fit into any of those things, whew!! although i was digging on sufjan stevens yesterday… he is pretty amazing. i didn’t know many of those names, so i had to click on them. i thought the “anne” on there (before i clicked) was our friend anne gogh! 🙂 i have read divine conspiracy and christ plays in ten thousand places, which are both amazing books!! i didn’t know they were considered emergent. no tattoos (as of yet) i am tempted to get one, but now i’m not so sure i will if it’s considered emergent! ha ha that list of words that you should know, they all looked pretty christiany-mumbo jumbo to me… i just like to talk about jesus.. i’m pretty simple.

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Absolutely. It’s all about Jesus, and that’s it. I don’t think I’m emergent either. Because being “emergent” is again getting yourself trapped inside the churchish denominational thing.

    I’d rather be called a freelance-christian. Or simply a christian. Or better yet. I’d love to not call msyelf anything.

    But that’s just me and my never-in-balance mentality. lol

  3. kingsjoy Says:

    Oh, good…you guys aren’t Emergent(TM) either?! I’m pretty tired of being a brand-name religion. At the moment, I even have doubts about the label “Christian” — not because I think I’m not one, but because of all the connotations that go with it.

    I don’t think I’ve tried Guiness (yet), no tattoos (yet) piercings (yet) and I don’t think I had read any of the books listed.

    Gaston, thanks for the email–I’ll respond when I have more time to put into it. Briefly: yeah, I completely get it.

    BTW, I’m taking another reprieve from the OOZE. Not sure why, really. But glanced at it briefly yesterday…it looks like a pretty weird atmosphere at the moment.

  4. dionpugil Says:

    Oh yeah. There sure is some weird stuff going on. Maybe God took you away from it for a while. Let me remind you he’s the Ancient of Days. That would make him about TONS wiser than we are.

    So good. I think we could all use those vacations from time to time. I think of TheOoze as church after the service is over. Everyone’s talking and stuff. So taking a break is very healthy.

    Plus we’re all addicted to “discussing” things in TheOoze, and sometimes you just wanna hang out for a while.

  5. nolesrock Says:

    yeah…i hear ya on the Ooze vacation…i’ve taken one, too, but mostly because i’m pressed for time…i barely get a chance to check out your blogs or to update my own…besides i got way too addicted to the Ooze once i joined in late march…i had over 600 posts by the end of july, i think…geez…GEEK ALERT!

    okay…i confessed

    now about that post…that WAS funny…actually i cursed in my comment on that guy’s blog…but it was all in good fun…forgive me fellow Shepherd followers 🙂

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