November 22, 2005

A friend once said about himself:

I think the best way to describe my state is overwhelmed. Too many religions, non-religions, philosophies, denominations, spiritualisms—I’ll never understand it all, and never be able to make an “educated” decision that what I believe is correct.

Today, since early in the morning I felt like this. My mind was a real mess. I was anxious. I felt empty and sad. I felt lost.

Taoism; Christianism; Sufism; Emergent; Emergence; Science; God; In; Out; Silence; Contemplation; Meditation; Zen; Buddhism; Sin; Redemption; Hell; Forgiveness; Jesus; Father; Nature; Love; Hate; Loneliness; Friendship; Sheep; Goats; Universe.

I got on my knees. I let my forehead touch the ground. “Jesus, without you I am nothing. I’m really nothing, nothing. I don’t know even know hot to pray.”

All I can say is Jesus is faithful. A few minutes after that he already answered my prayer. I knew he was with me.

So if you’re reading this and relate to this state of overwhelming too-muchness, Jesus is with you. He is.

Know it deep down inside, know it.


3 Responses to “Overwhelmed”

  1. kingsjoy Says:


    Happy Thanksgiving, G.

  2. Darla Says:

    thank you… i don’t feel so alone. i feel this way many times (overwhelmed) after surfing on the internet looking at “emergent” stuff…. it makes me seriously have anxiety… i felt this the other day reading a certain post on the ooze. i think i’m going to stop looking at stuff on the internet (except for the blogs – love you guys!!)… staying connected with a few like-minded people is good for me, even if it’s in cyberspace… God hasn’t sent us many in real life… i think that’s all of our desires, isn’t it??

    anyway, thanks gaston!! i’ve been checking back every day, waiting for you to post… this was certainly a nice one to see yesterday!! 🙂

    happy thanksgiving to you and your bride, yeri!


  3. dionpugil Says:

    Darla thanks so much. Happy thanksgiving!

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