My books, bringing order from chaos

November 16, 2005

I like bringing order from chaos in my bookshelf from time to time. (Most of the time, with a lot of encouragement from my wife).

I always try to order stuff by subject:

  • Novels. You know, paperbacks, stories, all kind of things.
  • Christianity. Here I place my Bibles, commentaries, history of christianity, and books that speak mostly about the “christian” life. “Mere Christianity”, “Bruchko”, that sort of thing.
  • Religion. All the rest of the books that are related to christianity and religion. Books on how it was to live in the time of Jesus, books on studying the Bible, books on Judaism.
  • Other religions. Rumi’s poetry. Gibran. Lao Tse.
  • Classics. Here I’ve got an entire collection of the “Harvard Classics” I inherited from my grandfather. It’s got so much stuff (which I never read).
  • Art. My art history books. Painters’ books too.
  • Latin American Literature. The best there is.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I inherited from my dad. Most of it in fact. I haven’t read half of it. I’m read very slowly. Maybe some day. Maybe my kids if I ever have children. Who knows.

Do you have a special way of keeping track of your books? What’s your secret?


10 Responses to “My books, bringing order from chaos”

  1. Darla Says:

    hey…. man, you’ve got quite a system there. my system is the following: i have some books piled next to my bed…. some next to michael’s bed… some under the bed… some in the bottom dresser drawer next to my bed…. some in a magazine/book rack thingy in the living room… some in my purse (i have a backpack/purse thing)…. some in this tv/bookshelf thing… some in a hallway bookcase….and some in my car. dang… we stink. i keep hoping one day we’ll get someone to build us a built-in wall bookshelf. that would be amazing. you’ve got some serious book-organizing skills! i’m super impressed! 🙂

  2. dionpugil Says:

    I don’t have those skills, my wife basically (threatens me), err, I mean, encourages me to do it. 🙂

    I also have a pile next to my bed. That one is always messy. Always.

    A built in wall bookshelf is what you need to get. Really, it solves all your problems. And their that as expensive to build.

    Good luck! lol

  3. kingsjoy Says:

    Have you guys ever dreamed of having an actual library in your house–like you see in the old movies? With 20-ft high ceilings, shelves from floor to ceiling, a ladder on wheels that follows the perimeter of the room. Oh, and a fireplace where you can sit in your smoking jacket with pipe in hand.

  4. dionpugil Says:

    Have I dreamed about that??? That IS my dream man.

    Just 2 months ago my wife had the opportunity to visit a house of an old lawyer. A millionaire the guy. He had a library just like the one you described. She said that while she was there she could only think “Oh my, if Gaston could see this… he’d die.”

    Maybe someday.

  5. Anne Says:

    Hey, Monty (fr33d1 on the Ooze) told me that Seraphim has a library in his home. He said his apartment is chock full of bookcases – even the hallways have bookcases. 7,000 books or something. As for me, at one time I had more shelves then I could fill – but now I live in a small place. My bedroom bookcase has lots of spiritual books, mostly Christian, but not all. I have little things there they mean a lot to me too, like the figurine of a baby boy in a crib that was my youngest son’s nightlight. Like this quote by Chief Seattle: ‘Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.’

    More books throughout, but I should just let this rest with that quote, I think.

  6. dionpugil Says:

    Sheesh! I hope to visit one day and see Seraphim’s library. If he reads as fast as he types I’m sure he has that many books. Seraphim types really, really fast. Like a million words per second I’ve heard.

     You know what I’ve always wondered? Have you seen how he sometimes quotes this huge texts? My guess is that he’s actually typing that at the speed of light. Really I’m not kidding.

     Hey bro, Seraphim. Tell me the truth man! Let me know what’s going on with your books and your lightning fast typing.

  7. Seraphim Says:

    Yes, I have many many books. As of today I have 13 bookshelves in my home. and at least 10 stacks of books that will not fit on the shelves. I need at least 3 more book shelves.

    btw I only type 75 wpm

    Love ya man

    ps Monty has photo’s of a few of my shelves, I’ll try to post them on my website.



    p.s. your enjoyment of the Wilber book is forcing me to give him another chance.

  8. dionpugil Says:

    Yay! Seraphim himself has told the truth. He’s got zillions of books!

    Please post the pictures.

    Ken Wilbur, well, I don’t know. Please understand the way I am. Many times I read stuff that’s simply not christian at all. I guess I like it sometimes. I enjoy people’s thoughts many times. Even though they might be really crazy.

    Like when I started reading a book I never finished called “The Origin of Consciousness In The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.” Man, I never finished it, and I’m sure it’s really non-christian. But I gotta tell you. Some of the things in the book just blew me away. I enjoyed the guys theories very much.

  9. Seraphim Says:

    Just Because YOU ASKED!!!

    Glimpses of Seraphim’s Books



  10. dionpugil Says:

    My bro, thanks so much. It’s now my turn. I’ll try and take some photos in the weekend and post some.

    Thanks for the pics man.

    And well. One day you might want to rent a whole apartment for the books. 🙂

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