On loving your neighbor

November 8, 2005

Darla has a great post called “Getting to know our neighbors.” Quick, leave this site and read it.


2 Responses to “On loving your neighbor”

  1. Darla Says:

    you’re too nice… i certainly am seeing clearer how the little things are really very important in the big scheme of this thing we call LIFE…. how if i would just live this simple commandment, the other stuff will absolutely fall into place. this ties into the other article you posted about living simply… i really dig that. i like what he is saying A LOT…. christians worry too much… i certainly have figured that out here lately. we’re always looking for something “big” when we miss the little things right before our eyes. we’re always “looking for God to show up”… when most of the time He is right before our eyes in the small things.

    oh, and by the way…. you’ve cost me another 18.00!! life of pi and another sugar free vanilla latte!! you’re killing me!! 🙂

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Oh my!!! Now you’re in trouble if you bought Life of Pi. It’s the most wonderful book.

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