I am “Apocalypse Now”

November 2, 2005

Holy crap! The title sounds sorta messed up. I haven’t seen this movie. I’ll have to rent it.


5 Responses to “I am “Apocalypse Now””

  1. kingsjoy Says:

    G, that’s my result on this quiz, too. Haven’t seen it either. Maybe I’ll head to the video store right now. –D

  2. Darla Says:

    be prepared… this is a freaky, freaky, freaky movie…. marlon brando… it’s definitely not anything like the Godfather!! what is this to tell me about you two??? 🙂

  3. kingsjoy Says:

    The video was MISSING from the store! So I must remain in suspense. D, based on your review, I’m now even more curious!

  4. dionpugil Says:

    Yeah, I have no choice but to rent it too.

    Can you imagine if people were known for the movie they represent?

    -“Honey, did you invite Apocalypse Now to the party?”

    -“No, I’m never inviting Apocalypse again. He’s a blast, but his explosive personality is just too much.”

  5. Darla Says:

    you made me laugh outloud!! hee hee 🙂

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