Bottom up Christianity

November 1, 2005

About ten years ago, just recently having known Christ and living what most christians wrongly call “the first love” I remember going into a movie theater and meeting an “older” christian.

He said “So you’re living your fist love?”

I had no idea what he was talking about.

Then he said “Just wait. It’ll go away.”

After reading the great article “Lessons From Jailhouse Christianity” I feel sad that it’s christians who most of the time kill christianity in people. I’m sure I’ve done it countless of times. May the Lord keep me from doing it again.

Also, after reading that article I’m not sure I should call myself a christian. I think I should stop calling myself that. If I have to go around saying it, there’s probably something wrong going on.


2 Responses to “Bottom up Christianity”

  1. Kevin Bowman Says:

    I was watching a video today by a missionary who after some major changes in his relationships with the natives 9 years into the work a native asked him, “Did you finally become a Christian?” Instead of living Christianity for 9 years he just preached it, but when he decided to live it… the work grew rapidly. AMAZING. I think you are right, I need to live it… not claim it!

  2. dionpugil Says:

    Man, your post reminded me of a book called “Bruchko.” It’s one of the greatest christian books I’ve ever read (maybe my favorite).

    This guy goes away from home to live with the Motilone People in the Amazon. They where cannibals. His story is amazing because what he did was live his christianity for years before anyone of the members of the tribe converted to christianity.

    Also, I’ve always found it distrubing that what many people call missions is making other people act like “western-cultured christians.” Do we want people to become like us? Or do we want people to become whatever they will become as christians?

    Thanks for your story. I think it’s great.

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