Suffering and the creative process

October 31, 2005

Chaim Potok was asked “How does suffering affect one’s output of creativity and art?”

Well, it will either mature you or destroy you. If it destroys you, we won’t hear about you anymore. But if it matures you, then you might make a contribution.

I think that what Chaim Potok said about suffering and creativity applies to almost everything in life. If I’ve suffered in my religious life I can let it destroy me or let it transform me into someone more mature. Hopefully I’ll “make a contribution.”


One Response to “Suffering and the creative process”

  1. kingsjoy Says:

    One thing’s for sure, EVERYone will have a share in suffering…it just comes with being human. I’m with you–I hope that my share causes me to triumph/build/give/contribute rather than becoming bitter/useless/afraid/judgmental.

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